Invention-Based Enterprise Development Program (IBED)

The IBED Program supports an inventor in developing the invention to become a business enterprise by making it available to the consumers. 

IBED-1 supports development and pilot production of a technology or invention by providing financial support to commercially viable technologies as well as technical and consultancy services to applicants in order to reduce the risks in the marketing and initial commercialization of these technologies.

Subject to availability of funds, the Program shall provide financial assistance in the form of a grant of up to P350,000 to cover the pilot production costs such as raw materials, tools/apparatus, devices used for the production of the invention in sufficient quantity to pilot and market test the product. Other production costs such as labor, honoraria, professional services, transportation, communication, and overhead expenses will be the counterpart of the requesting inventor.

  1. Any male and female Filipino citizen pursuant to Republic Act 7192 on Women in Development;
  2. Permanently residing in the Philippines;
  3. Must have invention/utility model (UM)/industrial design (ID)s valid/registration one (1) year from the time of submission of the proposal and at least one (1) year from the time of approval for patent/UM/ID with certificates issued by the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL);
  4. Must have patent/UM/ID with active status (not withdrawn or forfeited) at the time of submission of the proposal for patent/UM/ID with pending registration at the IPOPHL;
  5. and said invention/UM/ID, which is the subject of the proposal, already has a commercial prototype with validated data results and has gone through preliminary scientific data gathering relating or proving its intended use;
  6. Of good moral character or has not been convicted of any case involving moral turpitude; and
  7. With no delinquent account with TAPI.
  1. Application letter addressed to TAPI Director duly signed by the proponent with postal address and full contact details;
  2. Signed Data Privacy Consent Form;
  3. Endorsement letter from the DOST Regional Office, if applicable;
  4. Project Proposal indicating the amount request;
  5. Copy of the active and valid Patent/UM/ID application/registration papers with complete disclosures;
  6. Preliminary test results of the subject technology, if applicable;
  7. List of prospective client/customer/user with address and contact number;
  8. Quotations from the suppliers for the items in the Line Item Budget (LIB);
  9. Biodata;
  10. Valid government-issued ID;
  11. Letter from a co-implementor, if applicable; and
  12. Certification of Residency from Barangay Center

Ms. Mechelle D. Balboa

Program Manager, Senior Science Research Specialist

Telephone Number: (+632) 8 837-2071 to 82, local 2166

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.