by Elijah Daniel Espiritu

Carrying on its 35 years of science and technology (S&T) service, the Technology Application and Promotion Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST-TAPI) is setting the stage for its plans for the years ahead!

DOST-TAPI Director, Atty. Marion Ivy D. Decena alluded to the potential of the Institute to contribute even greater to the science and technology scene during the unraveling of the RISE: Road to Innovative S&T Engagements of DOST-TAPI.

DOST-TAPI is set to unravel its future directions at the "Launching of the DOST-TAPI Roadmap and Stakeholders' Recognition" on 13 May 2022

"We are very excited for what is in-store in the coming years, moving to the future while unraveling one-by-one the rise of DOST-TAPI and showing what DOST-TAPI is truly capable of," said DOST-TAPI Director Decena

As the premier hub for the promotion of technology transfer and commercialization as well as invention development in the Philippines, the Institute continues to carve its mark in S&T since 1987.

The Institute has proven time and again how vast and inclusive its programs and initiatives are for Filipino inventors and innovators, as well as its growing portfolio of S&T support.

In 2021, the Institute successfully fulfilled its mandate by achieving an overall weighted physical performance (OWPP) of 132% despite the ongoing pandemic forcing the Institute to adopt alternative work arrangements.

The average OWPP was computed based on the annual performance of DOST-TAPI.

Overall, the Institute's wide coverage of programs and services has provided exemplary figures and results reported at the end of 2021.

DOST-TAPI exceeded its goal for pre-commercialization, invention support, and advisory services by a whopping 177 percent, while achieving an average of 86 percent of its goal for accomplished intellectual property filings of local technologies, commercialization, and adoption of technologies.

The creation of the DOST-TAPI Online Routing System (DTORS) steers the Institute in the right direction as it transitions to a more efficient and modern system.

This fortification of an online and paperless route has played a critical role in streamlining processes and aspects of program management, particularly during this period of pandemic.

"DOST-TAPI has a myriad of possibilities in terms of satisfying both financial and technical aspects of program management," added Dir. Decena.

With the continued pursuit and growth of relevant programs for its clients, DOST-TAPI has stayed loyal to its objectives which reinforced its strategies to advance the national socio-economic growth and advocacy toward an innovative culture.

As Dir. Decena inspired the crowd of the RISE of DOST-TAPI about its role in the field of S&T, she emphasized the importance of excellence in the provision of assistance and support to Filipino inventors and their ideas.

"Making change happen means making the first step in ensuring that innovative ideas are given the proper support so they could materialize into something useful for society," said Dir. Decena.

With the initiatives of DOST-TAPI reaching new heights for the year 2021, the stage is now set for the Institute's new implementations for the betterment of the Philippines’ science and technology scene.

Fanning the flames towards a brighter future, the Institute is set to unravel its future directions at the "Launching of the DOST-TAPI Roadmap and Stakeholders' Recognition" on 13 May 2022.

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