DATBED develops entrepreneurial competencies among students in selected academic institutions. DATBED supports income generating projects with technological innovation that are not yet tested in the market but with market potential and technically viable when commercialized.
This program aims to harness the country’s scientific and technological capabilities to spur economic growth and development by providing funds to fast track the transfer, adoption, utilization of developed technologies.
Through financial and technical assistance, the program aims to fast track the transfer and commercialization of research results.
The DOST Display and Exhibit Center (DEC) is a permanent showroom of the DOST system featuring agency programs, projects and activities. It gives visitors a “quick” tour of the DOST agencies through photo exhibits, prints, handouts and prototype models of the technologies that are on display. The Business Assistance Center (BAC) cum TAPI Library on the other hand serves as the clearing house for TAPI’s visitors. It also serves as a venue for one-on-one technology consultation with potential investors to fill the need and the gap between technology generators and adoptors/users.

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