GAD Corner

DOST-TAPI Promotes Gender and Development and Ensures Gender Mainstreaming on its Programs and Services

Gender and Development Program
GAD Activities Sex Disaggregated Data


GAD Activity  Date No. of  Female   No. of Male

Celebration of International Day of Women and Girls in Science:    

Webinar: Girls in STE(A)M in the Philippines

Orientation on Possible Local Scholarships

February 11, 2022

45  32

Webinar on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression, and Sex  Characteristics (SOGIESC)

March 28, 2022

33   12

Orientation on the Revised Administrative Disciplinary Rules on Sexual Harassment  Cases in the Government

December 02, 2022

 44  39

Webinar on Sex Disaggregated Data

December 06, 2022 45 40

Webinar on Women Empowerment in Science and Technology Sector

December 09, 2022 56 24

Webinar on Development of Gender Sensitive IEC Materials

December 19, 2022 67 58



TOTAL  290  205

TAPI men and women are committed to promote an effective and efficient innovation system towards the adoption and utilization of inventions, innovations, and services through the intergration of gender equality principles.

A gender responsive partner contributing in the advancement of national socio-economic growth by advocating a culture of innovation and promoting globally competitive and useful technologies through gender mainstreaming.

Enhanced gender responsiveness in the entire operation of the Institute to ensure that the services are participatory, fair, empowering and sustainable through:

  1. Increased access of women to all programs and services of the Institute
  2. Updating and continues enhancement of GAD in the Institute’s policies and procedures
  3. Increased capacity building of TAPI-GFPS and employees
  4. Enhanced equal opportunity principles in the recruitment, selection, and placement in TAPI.

TAPI GAD Focal Point System
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