By Mat Jerome Casequin

BICUTAN, TAGUIG The Department of Science and Technology - Technology Application and Promotion Institute (DOST-TAPI), in collaboration with the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA), organized a networking event on May 4, 2023, to celebrate and empower female employees at DOST-TAPI. The event, titled "Women in Science" with the theme "Own Your Voice," was held at the TAPI AVR and sponsored by Hechanova & Co. Inc.


Atty. Editha R. Hechanova, President of the Hechanova & Co. Inc., delivering her opening remarks for the Women in Science event.

During the event, Atty. Editha R. Hechanova, President of Hechanova & Co. Inc., delivered an informative opening speech. She shared her personal experiences and insights about women's roles in the professional field, emphasizing the importance of gender diversity in global competitiveness. Atty. Hechanova highlighted the persistent issue of wage inequality and its impact on women's earning potential. She underscored that women in science and technology can excel in their respective career paths, including nursing, midwifery, and other medicalrelated professions, which showcase their nurturing abilities.

Atty. Hechanova also mentioned that according to the World Economic Forum, the Philippines has long been recognized as one of the most gender-sensitive countries globally. However, the country's Global Gender Gap Index ranking has slipped from 7th to 10th due to persistent wage inequality. Women holding the same job positions as men continue to face a wage gap ranging from 18% to 22%.



Atty. Marion Ivy Decena, DOST-TAPI Director on her keynote speech for the Women in Science Event.

Following Atty. Hechanova's address, Atty. Marion Ivy Decena, Director of DOST-TAPI, shared her own journey as a woman in science. In her keynote speech, Atty. Decena reflected on the challenges she overcame throughout her career, including her transition from private practice to public service.


DOST-TAPI’s Female employees as participants of the Women in Science networking event.

As the director of DOST-TAPI, she leads by example, demonstrating her capabilities before delegating tasks. By effectively communicating the reasoning behind her directives, Atty. Decena empowers her staff, instilling confidence and enthusiasm in their work while aligning their actions and beliefs with the institute's policies.

The event also featured empowering testimonials from several female employees at DOST-TAPI. They shared their personal experiences, discussing how their journeys in the field of science and technology innovation have shaped them into the individuals they are today.


DOST-TAPI female employees who shared their insights includes Ms. Pierre Sonia Dela Corte of IBOD, Ms. Anna Liza Saet of IDD, Ms. Teresita Alarcon of OD, and Ms. Lourdes Palileo of FAD (from Left to Right).

The networking event organized by DOST-TAPI and AIPLA stands as a celebration of Women's Month, fostering women's empowerment and promoting gender sensitivity and equality. The event serves as a platform to recognize the valuable contributions of women in science and technology, inspire others to pursue careers in these fields, and foster an inclusive and supportive work environment.



Photo op of all the participants with the DOST-TAPI Director and the delegates from the Hechanova & Co. Inc.

DOST-TAPI and AIPLA are committed to hosting similar networking events in the future, creating more opportunities to celebrate women's achievements and address gender disparities in the professional landscape.

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