By Paul Marvin Macasa

The Department of Science and Technology's Intellectual Property Management and Protection of Rights or Ownership against Violations and Encroachment (DOST-IMPROVE) Project recently concluded its third installment of capacity-building activity, the Intellectual Property Enforcement Masterclass.  This collaborative effort with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) aimed to enhance participants' knowledge and skills in enforcing intellectual property (IP) rights.  The five training sessions held both online and onsite, provided valuable insights into building an IP enforcement policy, identifying infringements, and executing effective enforcement procedures.

Day 1: Building an Intellectual Property Enforcement Policy in DOST

The opening day on June 8, 2023 commenced with a full-day online session, where participants delved into developing an IP enforcement policy tailored to the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).  The morning session focused on providing guidance on creating a comprehensive policy framework, while the afternoon session empowered participants to recognize IP infringements within their respective institutions.


Day 2: Equipping Participants with IP Infringement Case Preparation Skills

The second day on June 19, 2023 transitioned to an onsite training format at the IPOPHL Multi-purpose Hall.  In the morning session, participants learned how to construct a strong case for IP infringement based on the perspective of IPOPHL.  This segment equipped them with the knowledge required to gather evidence and present their case effectively before IPOPHL and the courts.  The afternoon session focused on guiding participants step-by-step through the IP enforcement procedures at IPOPHL, including alternative dispute resolution methods.




Day 3: Navigating IP Enforcement Procedures and Best Practices

Continuing with the onsite training on June 29, 2023, participants immersed themselves into a full day of sessions at the IPOPHL Multi-purpose Hall.  The morning session provided an in-depth exploration of the remaining IP enforcement procedures before IPOPHL and the courts.  Participants gained valuable insights into filing infringement complaints with the Regional Trial Court (RTC) and obtaining search warrants for civil and criminal cases.  In the afternoon session, attention shifted to IP enforcement strategies and best practices, emphasizing the importance of establishing IP audit and monitoring procedures to identify and prevent infringement proactively.


Day 4: Implementing IP Audit and Monitoring Procedures

In this half-day online session on July 6, 2023, participants learned how to establish and implement IP audit and monitoring procedures within their institutions. The morning session highlighted the significance of these procedures in effectively identifying and preventing IP infringement.


Day 5: Workshop on Drafting IP Enforcement Policy – Presentation and Critiquing

The final session of the DOST-IMPROVE IP Enforcement Masterclass on July 13, 2023, took the form of a half-day online workshop.  Participants had the opportunity to showcase their drafted IP enforcement policies and receive constructive feedback.  This concluding session encouraged collaboration and ensured that participants left the masterclass with enhanced skills and knowledge in IP protection.

The DOST-IMPROVE IP Enforcement Masterclass, held in collaboration with IPOPHL, successfully equipped participants with the necessary expertise and tools to strengthen intellectual property protection.  Through an engaging series of training sessions, both online and onsite, participants learned how to develop an IP enforcement policy, identify infringements, navigate enforcement procedures, and implement best practices.  The masterclass was crucial in empowering individuals and institutions to proactively safeguard their intellectual property rights, contributing to a more robust and innovative ecosystem in the Philippines.